Online Baccarat Explained

You can enjoy playing baccarat online and also beat the house. The truth is that there is not involved in any special strategy or skill, but just mere luck to win the game. Experts conclude that although it may appear to be elegant and serious, it is quite similar. It can be compared to that of flipping a coin and trying your luck. You will also require some money to burn, as the minimum table amount can be $500+. This again depends on the casino and table type chosen.

Know the rules

It is considered to be among the most popular and oldest casino games, also called punto banco. It is also considered to be a game of ‘luck’. You need to play baccarat between two hands, namely the ‘banker’ and ‘player’. There are three possible outcomes. ‘Banker’, if winning cards is with the bank, ‘player’ if the player gets the highest score and ‘tie’.

For each coup, there are two cards for each hand with 4, 6 or 8 decks, with each card deriving a point value. Queens, Kings and Jacks are worth zero, cards 2- 9 being of face value and Ace of 1 point.

9 is the highest hand value. If the face value becomes double-digit, then the rightmost sum digit is used. A hand comprising of 4, 8 for example is worth 2 and not 12. The Coup is finished once the player reaches 8/9 and the winner/tie is declared. Otherwise, there are applied dreaming rules, thus dealing with third cards.

The dealt cards are what decide the player’s fate, with the odds favoring mainly the house. On player’s bet, the house edge is about 1.24%, while the tie is 14.36%.


In baccarat online, tables can be – midi or mini. You get to play a big table game in the ‘snooty rope-off area’. Generally, it is frequented by well-dressed players.

Main casino areas promote mini tables having the same rules. However, the game is faster since the dealer turns the cards. On the other hand, the Midi table is bigger and set in high-limit rooms.

Players generally cheat along with dealers and croupiers to defeat the house and increase their winning chances. However, a baccarat croupier in 2003 was arrested for shuffling cards in a manner to win an amount of A$1.4m.

Hence, you should get to know the rules and regulations of the game before you start to baccarat online.

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