Reels and Paylines Explained

Most Online slots offered by virtual casinos are standardized. There are different standard parts fitted in it like reels, paylines and paytable. You may perhaps be interested to know how these components affect your gameplay results. For this, you need to know in detail about slots and the different vital parts present in their design. This in turn can help to enhance your winning chances.


This is the first thing that you need to know about entering your favorite casino. For every slot present, reels are considered to be the very core and symbols that rotate and make you crazy. There are 3 or even more reels present in slots, with 5 being termed to be the most commonly used. Each reel is said to come with different symbols.

You may indulge in a 3 reel slot having 10 symbols present in each reel. On the payline, it offers around 1,000 different symbol combinations. This means that the winning chance to land on the reels’ rarest combo is 0.1%. The machine with 20 symbols/reel and 3 reels offers players with 8,000 different combinations. However, digital machines are present having 256 symbols / reel, thus offering players with 16 million different combinations!

Fortunately, the number of potential combinations offered by Online slots does not reflect the player’s winning chances. Rather, it is the scoring frequency of winning combos that determines your winning opportunities. It is referred to as ‘hit frequency’. The manufacturer of the slot machines sets this parameter taking into consideration the casino operator’s specifications.


It is referred to as a horizontal line which is then spread across the slot reels. There is likely to be a winning symbol combination that should be aligned along with it to earn some cash. Initially, only one existed, across the screen’s middle part. However, with advancements in technology, the possibilities have increased significantly. The present Casino slots are found to have 25+ different paylines.


It allows you to check all the potential winning combinations including the amount offered by each. This again depends on your placed bet amount. There are also present all special combinations. For progressive machines, it is indicated here and also displays the total jackpot which you can win.

There are also other parts present in the slots machine which you can know by doing some research on the web.

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